“We shape our communities, and then they shape us.”     ...with apologies to Sir Winston Churchill

Each TOWNSCAPE project strives to merge state-of-the-art smart growth strategies and market realities with timeless principles of placemaking. But we frequently paraphrase Sir Winston to underscore our commitment to the larger idea of shaping environments that in turn shape lives and culture. At best, our mission is to create places and settings that allow each individual the opportunity to flourish—economically, to be sure, but also physically, intellectually, spiritually, and creatively. Creative opportunity implies great diversity allowing for freedom of choice, always with an eye to the elusive quality of Authenticity.

A Comprehensive Process

Our project approach eschews preconceptions, and assesses complex issues through an interdisciplinary process of discovery to arrive at appropriate, creative solutions.

Public Involvement

A successful process will involve the people directly affected and those who have technical or political influence over the outcome. Confidence and enthusiasm grow when informed stakeholders contribute to an evolving plan and the sources of ideas are understood.

Design Matters!

Great design brings economic value, civic pride and enhanced quality of life to citizens and visitors alike, and is a critical investment in the long term economic viability of the community.

Economic Viability

Each project must be responsive to the local market and yield long term economic benefits to the community. Ideally they should leverage private investment, be largely funded by those benefitting most directly, and serve to enhance the community’s commerce and livability in the short and long term.

Effective Implementation

Extraordinary projects often require that the City come to the table to raise the quality of development. The municipality’s role can be both regulatory (such as form-based codes and timely approvals) and financial (underwriting green and gray infrastructure improvements through new funding sources).